Raffaele Attanasio: Immortal303

Darkness is liberating, insightful and safe, according to Raffaele Attanasio. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, but for this techno aficionado, the experiences within the confines of a certain mood, space and time are just as beautiful and telling when referring to music. Having previously released groovy soul-infused melodies under the alias Monque, we have been able to accompany the versatile shifts Attanasio has made throughout his career, leading up to his releases on Psyk’s Non-Series, Envlp_Imprint ,Krill and Third Wave Black under his apocalyptic alias, X501. Attanasio will make his first visit to Paris this weekend to play a live set alongside Psyk at Batofar, where he will showcase his instrumental landscape and portentious sound. His crackling acidic sounds, heavy builds and hallucinating breaks set Attanasio appart from other modern composers of techno. In anticipation of what is sure to be a compelling yet violent set, Ascension caught up with this native of Naples, Italy to reveal more about his relationship with techno and unveil the mystery behind X501. 

Coming from such a strong musical upbringing, did you ever see yourself doing something other than music? How did your classical training lead to your passion for composing and producing techno?

I believe that, if I had not taken  music seriously,I would have studied and become a lawyer. Music has always been my partner in life from an early age and already there was nothing that would please me more than it, rom small games that produced the first drum sounds. Although my father was a musician, he knew that I possessed an acute sensitivity to the art and had to grow technically and, at the age of six, I began studying the piano. I owe everything to him. Techno came later, I was about 14 years old. At the end, after so many heads in the wall, I produced my first tracks that embraced a variety of genres and subgenres of techno and beyond.


Your release on Krill under the alias X501 is explosive. The re-work by Bleak complements the other tracks beautifully. Why did you choose to work with him on this particular project?

Yes, the release on Krill has been very very explosive, I didn’t believe it. Bleak is one of the best techno producers of the moment and it has been a pleasure for me, thanks to the Krill Crew for this opportunity, I love this family.

Do you feel the alias X501 brings out a deeper darker sound in you as a producer?

Oh yes it is my sinister side. The brutal part of my soul, a scream for liberation from inside.

Can you explain the meaning of X501 and how it relates to your sound?

X501 is the fusion between my mother, a wall of death at a gig of cannibal corpse and a tb303.

Can you explain the relationship between darkness (morbidity) and techno? Why are techno heads inclined to reference hell, Satan, skulls etc.? Do you think it would be any different if techno was originally made for daytime parties?

My productions are the reality of every mood, there is absolutely no reference to Satanism. This concept should not be confused with my concept of darkness. From my point of view, darkness creates a security shelter, the matrix of my primordial identity of techno.

A lot of artists that are breaking through in 2013 are Italian but not all of them are based in Italy. Many have moved to more prominent “techno cities”.  To what extent does this decision influence the kind of music you produce and how do you see the techno culture evolving in Italy?

I'm very happy that 2013 is totally Italian. Italy is full of talents and not just techno music, but they are crushed and washed away, and are not considered because they have a different concept of music from the rest of the people, (but soon there will be a war, a revolution, and we will resume the stolen throne).

This situation has led in recent years to an emigration to the cities of music, but I think the move does not affect the artist's musical thought. it is true that  the feelings and  mood changes will have more space for expression, but it is all very subjective, personal. I think that if I did not live in my native "earth" I  would probably not be able to produce music, I would not be motivated to escape from thousands of situations. The cry of liberation there would be!

Focusing on rave culture, it is true that much has changed from its inception. The Detroit sound your tracks have been so heavily influenced by are not home to the venues of the early 90s. Lately, it seems that people are trying to move away from the confines of clubs and back to more forgotten yet liberated spaces. How important is space in relation to techno? Can Naples and Paris, for example, play host to this desire for space and freedom?

Yes, of course Naples will be perfect for these situations and also Paris !!

If you could play a B2B with any DJ who would it be and why? What is your ideal location/venue for such a gig?

It’s very difficult for me, I don’t know, it is impossible to choose one DJ. My favorite location is an obscure garage with twenty friends and some beers.

What is in store for Attanasio/X501 fans? Where do you see your sound going from here?

My upcoming LP on non series, a 2x12” vinyls with 8 dancefloor tracks,a remix with Psyk on my imprint label Envlp and others remixes... and finally my new X501 !! ;)

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Do not miss Raffaele Attanasio at Non Series Label Night Saturday April 20th, 2013 at Le Batofar!!!