Jeroen Search: A Modern Composer

With the crowd being pulled behind an endless symphony of claps and breaks, Jeroen Search illustrates his ability to compose classic modern techno. Having been producing since the mid 90's his knowledge of equipment and techno as a genre are equally immense.  Using a minimal set up made up of a variety of hardware, he is able manipulate each machine to its full potential. When Jeroen Search is in the studio he produces tracks all in one take and edits live. By triggering samples, loops, and cords off Ableton, plus creating mind bending sounds with the 303 and 909, being at a Jeroen Search live set is just as intimate as being in his studio. His set takes you on a journey through his releases both new and old, from tracks such as the A&S001 bomb, Monopole, and collaboration with Markus Suckut, JSM4.3, he delivers a powerful force on the dance floor. The classic touch of Jeroen Search is a reference to some more simplistic elements that techno has lost thought the years. With the charisma and energy that exudes from his personality it is clear how he is able to stay focused and inspired to continue to produce current and influential techno tracks. Ascension caught up with Jeroen Search before he took the stage at Precept 04 with Unbalance (live) and Parisian duo, As Patria, here is what he had to share.

It is clear that you have honed your sound since the mid 90s starting with your Search imprint, what do you feel is the validity of techno as it progresses/evolves as a genre? Do you think that it is necessary to progress?

Progress is always necessary for all things, so also for techno as a genre. I think techno has grown stronger last years.

How heavily do you feel the evolution of technology progress techno as a genre?

Technology influenced techno indeed, especially production wise and nowaydays its easy to access new music.

You seem to spend a lot of time in the studio as you release quite frequently with either a remix, original tracks or with Dimi.  How do you stay inspired to produce so many remixes vs your own material? What about the original track gets you going (thinking) for a remix?

Inspiration comes from every days life and after all those years I finally learned to combine my family,work and music together and still have a strong focus on music. I used to work in the studio every day when I started, but it’s a little less, only in the studio when it “feels right” , that works out the best.

You and Dimi seem to work well together, could you tell us the story of how you met? How does it differ to work with him than when you are alone? Do your influences change when working as a duo.

I’m not sure but I think we met around 2000, Steve Rachmad introduced us to each other, and we became friends and started doing music together in 2003. Production wise there is no difference in working with Dimi or solo, its all about capturing the right emotions in the right time.

You produce tracks in one take and edit live. This is a technique that is unique to you and works well in your case. Have you always worked this way? Do you think your tracks would come out differently if you worked in any other way? What is this intuition/gut that you can just go with?

When I started I used an Atari with Cubase as sequencer but soon I bought a hardware sequencer, and I still use it now.. for me it feel more natural to use a sequencer instead of a computer, I dont like watching a computer screen when making music. Also I dont have a chair in my studio, I have to move and dance when producing, and feel the music.

Given a crowd is present during your live sets does the audience play a significant role in how you produce and manipulate your tools?

Yeah ofcourse the audience plays a significant role during a liveset, I dont have complete tracks in my set, so I can manipulate the loops/machines all times. One time a certain track can be 4 minutes, other time the same track will be 8 minutes or so.. its all about the magic moments with the crowd.

Have you ever thought of re-launch the Search imprint? Or start a new label?

Yeah, especially when it stopped around 2001 I really was thinking of starting something new for myself, but it never happened so far. Last year Dimi and I started our own imprint “A&S records” and so far we released 4 record, and number 5 will be released in March. But still thinking of a new solo imprint as well, so maybe this year..

Where are you going from here?

My focus this year will be on releasing more solo music, little remixes, working on an album together with Dimi, and not to forget doing a lot of livesets around Europe.

Techno is an ever evolving genre, progressing everyday as a result of creative minds as well as the implementation of new technologies. However, a newfound appreciation and acceptance of the genre from a curiously educated crowd, fires up the driving force that has taken techno into the forefront of the underground. Jeroen Search mentioned to Ascension that the last time he had ripped up a Parisian dance floor was 5 years ago, the time when electronic music was beginning to gain a second wind.  This energy has persisted and taken artists productions and the club scene alike to a whole new level. By challenging boundaries culture is able to progress, thus taking the music out of the club, techno culture in Paris will be able to take shape.  

Unbalance and Jeroen respectively took the stage to unveil their sonic creativity that they had tailored for the dance floor. Meanwhile, Parisien duo and event organizers, As Patria, sounded the horns, lit the fires and rallyed the techno troops for an evening comprised of distorted kicks, acid bass and synth stabs. Friends and techno enthousiasts alike came out to support Precept's venture as it took another bold stand for the Parisian scene. Keep a look out for Precept 05 as well as Jeroen Search's next release with Dimi Angelis on A&S005 next week!