Lauren   //   Co-Founder // Design Techno soldier numero uno, spawning techno tadpoles throughout her travels, Lauren’s definition of sleep consists of digging through the dusty archives of youtube until it gets too violent. Brought up on the french sound in a foreign land, she expels the beauty of techno through her infamous camera. Her breakfast consists of cooking a vegetarian delicacy in her magic pan while listening to Rrose. She is your go to girl for whats hot and whats not. 

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Crislaine   //  Co-Founder // Communication Her roots of hip hop tuned her onto the groove of deep house and the booming bass of techno. After a series of after parties we knew this trio was true love. She can be spotted breaking it down on the dancefloor wherever techno can be found. Her breakfast consists of a strong cup of coffee and the latest release of Scandinavian techno. She is your girl for the inside scoop. 


Adam  //  Co-Founder // Resident DJ  Son of a disco mommy, Adam has honed the sound of house music from a young age. Moving to Paris only expedited his interest in music. Somewhere along the lines house turned into techno and now he is found frequenting the vinyl shops on Rue des Taillandiers. His daily breakfast includes a newfound mix, Marmite and chocolate milk. He is your man for the track id.