ACN Podcast #006 - Astronomical Telegram

Astronomical Telegram, like a secret message transcoded from creative thoughts into thumping bass that is sent into space for techno daydreamers to catch straight into the soundsystem. At the ripe age of 23, Daniel Restrepo of Medellín, Colombia already the owner two record labels, Moleskine Records and Tono Limited, as well as releasing his own material on labels such as Reaktivate and Labyrinth both from Portugal, he has already clearly illustrated his strong capacity and dexterity of techno, nonetheless, experimental. His sound, deep, seductive, and esoteric is captivating in every state of mind. The droning cycles of chimes and bass throw you into a mesmerizing disarray until a subtle break calms the essence. 

Medellín, Colombia has proven itself a nucleus of creative talent, especially in the realm of techno artists and producers. With labels, artists and collectives popping up regularly with quality music and cultural events there is no doubt Medellín will soon be noted as a reference in the techno movement. With Astronomical Telegram as a prime example, Ascension is proud to cross over oceans and continents to bring you little taste of what is in store for the future of techno.

So you are from Medellin, the second biggest city in Colombia, in a previous interview with Adapt Manchester, you said that Medellin is the most innovative city in the world. What makes Medellin so innovative? How does that play into your music?

Yes, our city has a modern transportation system, some museums, libraries and cultural centers that enrich the community; apart from all is the traditional capital of the Colombian culture. I think this somehow serves as a source of inspiration, or, for me in particular was an influence for a remix I recently did for "Valent," a track called "Metro", I did my interpretation basing on our system transportation called "Metro" by the way will leave very little to Tono LTD.

The techno scene in Colombia seems to really be expanding quickly these days with really great labels putting out really great material. Can you tell us a little bit about what is happening and how it was initiated?

That's right, there is a group of local artists to bring us a different and particular sound that is fairly interesting, not just the labels but also some collectives that have been working for some time and keep their work stronger than ever.

This year was the best for our artists / producers basically because many people believe we have focused more on ourselves. For example, "Move" which, is a series of events created by the union of several local groups including the community of the eastern Antioquia called "Orient's Crowd." This is a group that is growing very strongly and I'm sure great things come with them.

How old were you when you first got into techno music? Was there one defining moment that you remember or was it over time?

I was about 14 or 15 years old when my father bought our first computer. I remember years ago I identified the sound of electronic music by a local radio station, but then I learned how to differentiate Techno music over time.

You have a very advanced and particular style that is deep, dark and alluring, what influences the way you make music?

I think that sound old school of Surgeon, Oscar Mulero ...and actual sound of the Swedish duo Shxcxchcxsh or AnD are mainly my bases.

What propelled you to start your own label, Tono Limited? How do your views as an artist reflect on the label?

I was basically driven by the needs of my city / country. There are already some labels like "Woods n Bass" that have a clear example of that sound that I like to hear more often from the local artists.

I think my views are reflected in the seriousness that I have consistently maintained at all points, both visually and for what really matters, the sound.

So you have a really great remix that just came out on vinyl with Moleskine Records, what else can we look forward to from you in the near future?

Yes. There are many things coming up. On vinyl I will have an EP on "Reaktivate" from Portugal that will include 3 great remixes of my track from the Russian Stanislav Tolkachev, Ducerey Ada Nexino aka "Yuji Kondo" and Deadsound & Videohead that will be released later this month.

Similarly, I have started a new label called "Medellin Schallplatten" it is an idea of mine, that will reflect the local power of my country, I'll have more information soon who will make up the first references by the way only be released on vinyl.

Lastly, also a few releases in digital and some remixes for my label.

Can you name one record that never leaves your bag?

I had the opportunity earlier this month to hear the next Avian release completely, I must say that it is now one of the records that has influenced me most in my short career and never will leave my bag I'm sure. SHXCXCHCXSH - STRGTHS AVNLP001. Immense!

Thanks for the nice invitation, it is a pleasure for me.